About Us

Xia Men Xie Fa Packing Co.,Ltd,  is a leading, privately owned company focusing on product development, design, and superior quality product manufacturing.

Xia Men Xie Fa is

-       Local at Xia Men China

-       ISO 9001 certificated

-       Specialized in packing product developed

-       With factory of vacuum forming, plastic injection, metal stamping and turning

-       With the material PVC, PET, OPS, PLA, PP, PC, ABS, PS, AS, PA.

-       provides wide range of plastic and vacuum thermoform packaging products for commodities : 

- Electronic goods

- Household articles

- Optronics

- Foodstuffs

- Kitchenware

- Gift

- Hardware

- Stationery

- Toy

- Cosmetic products

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